Alge Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Alfred Geißler, Motorenfabrik, Knauthain, Leipzig. Established 1902

Between 1925 & 1930 this small German firm built single-cylinder motorcycles and tricycles of 173cc to 498cc. Initially they used two-stroke engines of their own manufacture, but that engine was not a success and most machines were subsequently fitted with engines from Küchen, MAG, Sturmey-Archer, JLO, Villiers and Blackburne.

Their three-wheelers came in a variety of configurations, the lighter models powered by Villiers and the commercial vehicles used mostly SV Küchen 500cc engines.

Alfred Geißler died in a motorcycle accident. His son took over, but the financial crisis put paid to production and the last machine was built in 1930.

Sources: Henshaw, motorrä

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