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Aspi Motorcycles

Manufactured: 1946 to 1949


La ditta Attrezzature Servizi Pubblici Industriali costruisce motori su progetto dell'ing. Salvatore Nacci.

Sono una 125 cc boxer con cambio a quattro rapporti e trasmissione ad albero che viene presentata al salone di Milano del 1947 ma non ha seguito commerciale.

Viene invece prodotto il motore ausiliario per bicicletta che viene costruito in un buon numero di esemplari.

Questo micromotore a due tempi del peso di 7 kg, ha cilindrata di 48 cc, trasmissione a catena e viene posizionato lateralmente al mozzo della ruota posteriore.

La ASPI risulta attiva dal 1946 al 1949.

In 1947 the engineer Salvatore Nacci designed for ASPI (Attrezzature Servizi Pubblici Industriali) a motorcycle which was presented at the Milan Fair. The horizontally opposed 124.7cc two-stroke in a compact engine block with a compression ratio of 6:1 delivered a claimed 5 hp to the rear wheel via shaft drive.

In 1949 two new models of 125 and 175 cc were revealed in the same boxer configuration, with the addition of a rotary inlet valve. The gear change of these machines was controlled from the handlebars, scooter-fashion.

It appears that these prototypes did not reach production.

From 1945 the company also built two-stroke auxilliary bicycle engines of 48cc, and these micromotors may have remained in production until 1951. There is an unverified listing for Aspi which reads: Centrale 50cc 1952-1955.

An article on the Aspi 125cc Twin appeared in The Motor Cycle, 20th March, 1947.

Sources: Moto di Lombardia

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