Binz Motor Scooters

A Brief History of the Marque

Binz GmbH & Co. in Lorch, Germany, designed a city-scooter in 1954, with production limited to some 1800 units between 1954 and 1958.

Binz was a well known designer and producer of truck bodies, particularly for the drivers cabins of long-distance haulers. By the 1950s they were well established in European markets so when the motor scooter boom occurred they entered the market with a small, maneuverable machine using a 50cc Fichtel & Sachs single cylinder two-stroke engine coupled to a simple two-speed transmission. This power plant was well known for its reliability, and allowed the little machine to achieve a top speed of 30 mph.

The entire drive train including the chain drive to the rear wheel could be easily accessed by tilting the rear end of the scooter upward without having to unbolt anything (which could be interpreted as limited access). The design afforded the rider maximum protection from the elements.

Their 47cc scooterettes were imported to the UK from September 1956 until the end of 1957. It is believed some 3000 were produced in total.

Binz has been a designer and builder of ambulances since 1955, and is one of the best known companies of its type in Europe.

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Thu Mar 13 2014
revolutionbiketech at
Engine seal
Binz 50cc
hello there

we currently have a bins 50cc in for an engine rebuild. It has a fichtel & sachs 50cc engine in it, and we are trying to locate a specific engine seal that sits on the engine casing.

The seals in question are, in the owners manual, written as [250840] and [232250], however we cannot seem to reference these anywhere and, due to their age, we cannot remove them and measure them because they have perished.

ANY information whatsoever would be really helpful.


Chris, Revolution Bike Tech
Sutton, London, UK

Can you can post the engine number of the machine and perhaps some images?
This page has considerable information on Sachs engines, but we'll need to identify the engine type. (404)

Wed Aug 18 2010
Binz Scooter
What do you think my Binz Scooter is worth? It is pretty complete, only missing the right hand brake lever. I haven't tried to make it run but the engine turns over.

If you have a query or information about Binz scooters please contact us

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