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Comfort Bottarini moto d'epoca

Miro Bottarini, su progetto e brevetto dell' ing. Francesco Buffoni, costruisce dal 1923 al 1926, moto equipaggiate con motori Barr&Stroud, Blackburne e Bradshaw con raffreddamento ad olio, tutti di 350 cc.

Miro Bottarini, using a design and patent by Francesco Buffoni, built motorcycles from 1923 to 1926 fitted with Barr & Stroud, Blackburne and oil-cooled Bradshaw engines, all of 350 cc.

The Bradshaw machine used an OHV engine and Sturmey-Archer three-speed gearbox, with leaf-spring rear-suspension. This machine was developed by 1926 to entail swinging arm rear suspension and a cradle frame.

Sources: Moto di Lombardia, motoclubstoricoconti.it

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