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Ferenc Dedics (1873-1929) and his brother Kalman were trained as blacksmiths. They spent their apprenticeship in Germany where they worked at various automobile manufacturers. They returned to Hungary in 1903 and opened a workshop in Budapest. In addition to repairwork, they also built their own stationary engines and assembled a motorcycles. At the 3rd Budapest International Exhibition held in 1906 they exhibited several of their motorcycles, and received a silver jury prize.

In 1907 the Dedics workshop wanted to expand. From the application form for a state grant it is known, that by that time they employed a staff of 16 workers. Later on they moved to larger premises, but focused their activities solely on repairs.

Contemporary sources mention single cylinder, air-cooled 2 ½ and 2 ¾ hp motorcycles. Though early statistics have been lost, in 1930 there were still 8 Dedics motorcycles extant, which indicates that more than a dozen were built.

Between 1909 and 1913 the firm was also involved with aviation, and Dedic engines were used in aircraft which flew to Moscow.

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