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Delta-Gnom Motorcycles

Delta-Gnom Vienna 1955
Delta-Gnom Vienna 1955

A Brief History of the Marque

Made in Austria

1923-1957 (possibly later)

Motorenfabrik Engler, Wolmersdorfer and Co
Vienna XIV, Stättermayergasse 33 (1923-1929)
Vienna VII, Kaiserstrasse 41 (1929-1935)

Initial output was a 125cc two-stroke under the Delta marque, followed by a 170cc model under the Delta-Gnom brand.

By 1925 they had 250cc machines on offer with front and rear brakes.

JAP SV engines of 300cc and 500cc were employed in 1926, and a 500cc model was on the drawing board.

In 1927 a new 500cc machine designed by Hans Pitzek was brought to market, and the following year a 1000cc JAP SV V-twin joined it. This machine had a Burman 3-speed gearbox and 4.00x19 tyres.


Delta-Gnom 170 1924

Delta-Gnom 500 498ccm JAP SV

Delta-Gnom 1000 JAP SV

Delta-Gnom 250 248ccm JAP OHV

Delta-Gnom 600
599ccm JAP OHV

Delta-Gnom 98 Rotax 98ccm

Delta-Gnom LM 125
125cc Sachs

Sources: voz.co.at, correspondence

tsourpan at gmail.com
thank you for your email!
I have one more remark... I can't find my JAP engine number and I want help for the "Z" letter on the UOZ...
this engine is on the 600cc Delta Gnom 1935-1938 that I have!
thank you for your help
regards from Crete
Panagiotis Tsourounakis
  • As far as I can make out the Z would indicate a 1933 model. This page is far from complete, but it's a guide: JAP engine numbers,

  • Numbers: UOZ/V -- 49928/E (possibly something over the E). There is nothing on this page to solve this puzzel, but it has some links to other JAP pages: JAP engine numbers,
    Delta-Gnom-JAP-Numbers image posted to Comments
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Sat Jul 15 2017
tsourpan at gmail.com
delta gnom 600
I need photos and infos
(how many build, still exist, frame numbers) about Delta-Gnom 600

BTW, I just looked at the HMW page (I had a HMW Supersport before the Lohner), and noticed my very first Moped wasn't listed as a user of the Halleiner motor. It was a small bicycle builder in my district of the city, by the name of Delta Gnom, who built a very sporty looking moped with HMW motors. I had one in silver, with a tiny standard fairing on it, and a swing fork in front.

I found an old photo of my Delta Gnom with the HMW motor. My buddy on the right is riding a HMW Supersport.

Also included was an image titled "Here I am with another buddy on old rental HMW's:"
HMW-Rental-Bikes.jpg (see the gallery)

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