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A Brief History of the Marque
Swedish Motorcycles made in Gothenburg prior to the Second World War. The marque's logo incorporated the letters DKW, implying a strong relationship with the German firm.

Manufacturer Göransson Motor AB Gothenburg

Source: nsu.nu

From: Kent <kent at hortlund.se>

Diamant 1939

This is a Swedish mc built in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Here is pictures on the one you had in the list
1939 Diamant - jvbk.nu/galleri/diamant/diamant.html (404)

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Sat Oct 06 2007
subject: Diamant med DKW motor 1939
Email: studio.sai at alice.it
message: I need a description manual of the Diamant med DKW of 1939. it's very urgent. thank you.
subject: dropbears

Sat Oct 06 2007
studio.sai at alice.it
Need to found Diamantmed DKW motor 1939 presentation book
Diamant med DKW motor 1939
If possible, I need a presentation book of this model, in italian or english. It's urgent! Thank you very much

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