German Motorcycles

Gold-Rad Motorcycles and Mopeds

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufacturer: Gold-Rad, Hansaring 102-104, Cologne

In the early 1950s, motorized bicycles and motorcycles with 98cc and 125cc engines from Sachs and JLO were offered, followed by mopeds and scooters some of which were (possibly rebadged) Motograziella machines from Italy. In the 1960s the Piccolo folding bicycle was built.

Founded in 1892 by Benjamin Goldberg in Siegburg, the company built sewing machines and bicycles, moving to Cologne in 1910. They survived the first war, hyperinflation and the Great Depression, but suffered considerably during the Nazi era due to the name Goldberg which, although a Christian name dating back to 1640, to the ignorant National Socialists "sounded" Jewish. However, Goldberg survived this too, and supplied the Wehrmacht with bicycle components through the years of the second war. Goldberg died in 1944, the business continuing under his sons.

Models included the 53I JLO and 54S Sachs.

Sources: motorradfahrer-ruhrgebiet.de, GTU Oldtimerservice, et al.

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