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Merlonghi Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque
Made in Italy between 1927 and 1930, these were two-strokes of 98cc and 132cc capacity with 2 speed gearboxes.

Sources: Henshaw et al.

Tue Aug 24 2010
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merlonghi motorcycle
merlonghi ?
i have one of these i'm my posession , i'm just trying to find out what it would be worth

Local: Tue 10 May 2005
subject: Merlonghi Motorcycle
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message: Hi My name is Monica. I posted a message back in 2001 regarding Merlonghi Motorcycles. These bikes were built by my grandfather. I was lucky enough to locate pictures and news articles. If you are interested please email me. Thanks, Monica
Attached are the pictures of the motorcycles and article.
Please excuse the quality. These pictures were emailed to (me) a few years ago.
Unfortunately my scanner is no compatible w/ my computer, so I took pictures of the pages with my digital.
Hope this helps you, and i look forward to viewing them on your page.
Merlonghi Images

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