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A Brief History of the Marque

Opel & Beyschlag

Formed in Austria in 1893 by Heinrich Opel and and Beyschlag, the partnership utilised engines from the German Opel factory(1) to build unconventional shaft-driven singles and V-twins. No examples of the motorcycles have survived.

Heinrich Opel was one of the five sons of Adam Opel, all of whom were champion pioneer German cyclists.

There was an association with Noricum

1. GTU suggests that the engines were built in-house, not by Opel.
2. Otto Beyschlag's wife Therese was one of the first licenced motorists in Austro-Hungaria.
3. The firm still exists as part of the AVAG group in Austria with several branches, selling Opel and Ford, among others, with family members of fourth and probably fifth generation.

Sources: Wikipedia DE, voz.co.at

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