Italian Motorcycles

Polet-Poletti Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Italian Marque
Manufactured 1923-1927*

Polet-Poletti moto d'epoca

Col marchio Moto Poletti, il rider-builder Achille Poletti realizza dal 1923 al 1927 motociclette da corsa di 500 cc con valvole in testa contrapposte.

Produce anche una 250 cc monoalbero.

Col marchio Polet realizza elaborazioni su base Gilera 175.

Motorcycle racer Poletti Achilles built racing OHV 500cc motorcycles and also produced a 250cc SOHC machine branded Moto Poletti

The Polet brand was based on the Gilera 175 according to one source, whereas Tragatsch says the Polet machine had an IOE 481cc engine.

* Other sources give dates of 1923-24

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Sources: Moto di Lombardia, Tragatsch p253.

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