Presto Motorcycles of Germany

A Brief History of the Marque
The Presto was produced from 1901 to 1940 in Chemnitz, with the company name changing three times over that period. Founded in 1897 as Günther & Co. it ceased motorcycle production with the onset of the first war, reappearing in 1921 as Presto Werke and then in 1927 became NAG-Presto Werke AG.

Prior to WWI the motorcycles had Zedel, Minerva and Fafnir engines, and models included a pacer (Stehermaschine) with a gigantic V-twin. The next series used Alba engines, and after the merger with NAG they built lightweights with Fichtel & Sachs engines 74, 98 and possibly 125cc engines.

Immediately prior to WWII they also built the Presto Saxonette which had a single tube which served as the tank, the cradle for the front forks and the base for the support of the seat. It was powered by a 50cc Fichtel & Sachs engine built into the rear wheel.

The firm also built quite a variety of bicycles, automobiles and trucks.

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