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Rush Lightweight 1921

So neat is the Victory spring suspension that a second glance is necessary to realise that this Belglan-built Rush lightweight has not a rigid frame. Leaf and coil springs, a friction device, and a rubber buffer contribute to the design.


A Brief History of the Marque
The marque was established near Brussels by Omer Cravillon in 1921 and passed into the capable hands of Belgian motorcycle racer Maurice van Geert in 1923. Early machines had JAP and Blackburne engines and from 1927 had Rush engines of 397, 497 and 597cc in sidevalve and ohv configuration, some with Sturmey-Archer 3 speed gearboxes.

Annual production peaked at some 300 or 400 machines, but the onset of the depression brought production to a halt in 1931.

Van Geert won the first International Motorcycle Grand Prix.

Van Geert won the 1924 250cc Grand-Prix d'Europe at Monza on a Rush-Blackburne. This was the very first race in what later became known as the International Grand Prix. He also took the podium at Assen in 1934, again on a Rush-Blackburne.

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Wed Mar 14 2007
speed-photo at transmit.net
Rush Motorcycle in Birmingham, Alabama
I've taken some pictures of the Rush motorcycle (beautifully restored) at the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, Alabama.  You can feel free to link to the URL below or each individual pictures URL if you'd like.
Birmingham, AL, USA

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Thu Aug 18 2005
eloiduez at hotmail dot com
Rush Belgium?
hello, I a Rush 500 1926, do you have found documentations, photographs for me?? thank you

.here the photographs of my motor bike, driving side Jap500, limps Stermey-Archer, I miss the carburateur (Amal), and some GCV on the order of limps, do you have addresses for me? thank you, and I you joint of the photographs of my Astra 500 1937, completely restored it has rolled for one month, Astra is a mark Italian importer of ariel has Milan, beautiful motor bike and rare, has more 

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