Spiegler Motorcycles

Schwalbe Motorcycles

Manufactured by Gebr. Spiegler, Motorfahrzeugfabrik of Aalen in Württemberg, from c.1922 to 1926.

The Spiegler brothers built three motorcycles: a 125cc HO twin mounted longitudinally, high in the frame, another HO twin set low, Douglas fashion, and a 350cc single. Both engines were manufactured in-house.

HO Twin

Horizontally Opposed Twin

Examples include BMW, Zundapp and Douglas HO Twins have conrods running on a common crank, with one on the exhaust stroke and the other on inlet.

The name of the motorcycle was changed to Spiegler in 1923 or 1926 (sources vary).

There was another motorcycle using the name Schwalbe built in Switzerland, and a Simson scooter from East Germany is frequently referred to as simply "Schwalbe".

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