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A Brief History of the Marque

Sophisticated in design, these included shaft-drive motorcycles with their own Heuss-designed power units of 173cc to 298cc.

The original machine was built in Berlin-Niederschöneweide by a company named Stock Motorpflug AG starting in early 1924; initially they produced motorized farming machinery. This company belonged to Richard Kahn of Mannheim who owned various manufacturing enterprises in Germany.

In the early 1920s Kahn began production of small motorcycles and used as a pattern the machines produced by the Evans Motor Cycle Company, USA, which had recently ceased trading. The source of the design was credited in their advertising, and these 119cc machines were built by Stock, relatively unchanged, until 1928.

That year Stock employed a mechanical engineer named Josef Heuss who designed an entirely new machine, the Stock Kardan. These elegant and sophisticated machines had shaft drive and features such as an illuminated speedometer and a clock incorporated in the headlight.

In the early 1930s production was moved to another of the Kahn group's facilities at the Schnellpressenfabrik works in Heidelberg.

Richard Kahn, of Jewish descent, left the company around 1931, and Deutsche Bank(1) foreclosed in 1933. The German banks did very well indeed during this period.

In total Stock produced some 30,000 motorcycles.

1. Deutsche Bank features strongly in the Trump/Russia saga.

Sources: GTU Oldtimerservice, et al.

Thu Aug 16 2012
Stock kardan parts for sale
1924-33 ? Stock Kardan
I am selling these parts in E-bay Uk. The pictures are on the auction site ebay.co.uk
Tallinn, Estonia

Dec 20th 2009
Friedrich Kübler

Stock Kardan IIIC-3206

Sat Dec 12 2009
issa at bmwyamahadot com
kardan stock motorcycle information
kardan stock ?
hi we have a 1929 kardan stock motorcycle in the shop and were wondering where to find specs on it. or a repair manual of any sort

Issa Eismont
Service Manager
BMW and Yamaha of Santa Cruz County

Stock Kardan 1929 California

Thu Jan 01 2009
vick.mierzwa at metlabs.com.au
Missing Parts
Stock 298cc 1930?
Hi, I am looking for the following spare parts for my Stock motorcycle.
Fenag mag-dyno and mounting plate, including the engine cowling. This bike is very rare in Australia. If anybody can help with any information regarding locating these parts, please contact me.
Melbourne Australia

Tue Nov 25 2008
georg.josef.zimmermann at t-online.de
Stock Parts
Stock 200 cc sport version

i have two Stock motorcycles, kardan drive, with 200 cc from about 1930, but both are incomplete. Unfortunately, the don't fit together. The older one has a foot gearshift system, the newer one has a gear stick. If anyone can provide me or is looking for information and/or parts, please contact me [by email] oder call me on the phone (phone number 0049 9181 465187)
Attached are two images from a stock engine, 200 ccm, sport version. The missing parts from this bike are the wheels and the framework. From the second Stock bike (the older one) i have no images yet.

Stock Kardan circa 1930 engine

Fri Nov 24 2006
lenoxadler at t-online.de
Stock Kardan 1930 200
I HAVE A STOCK KARDAN 1930 FOR SALE .look ebay germany

Stock Kardan 1930.jpg
Stock Kardan 1930

Wed Oct 19 2005
gippo- at hotmail dot com
Stock Kardan 200cm3 Germany 1933
  Stock Kardan 1933.jpg
Stock Kardan 1933

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