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Tue Jul 03 2007
jrvillal at aspb.es
Villalbi 1903
A picture of the 430 cc Villalbi model from Spain, manufactured in 1903, taken at the Terrassa Science Museum and enclosed.
Barcelona, CAT, Spain

Villalbi 1903 430cc.jpg
Villalbi 1903 430cc

May 10, 2000
Estimados Señores
Encontré en vuestra web page, " Spanish Motorcycle Manufacturers" la marca Villalbi.
Por favor, estoy muy interesado en información sobre esas motocicletas y si es posible analizar la posibilidad de adquirir una.
Muchas Gracias por su colaboración
Ernesto Raúl Villalbi
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Email evillalb at rt.net.ar
evillalbi at hotmail.com
Phone +54-11-4636-3260

From Sheldon: My best translation:
I have just found your web page, "Spanish Motorcycle Manufacturers" and the Villalbi page. I am very interested in find more information about this brand of motorcycle and possibly acquiring one.

If you have a query about Villalbi motorcycles, or wish to share your knowledge of these classic Spanish machines, please contact us

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