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A Brief History of the Marque
Produced between 1948 and 1954 (another source says 1947 to 1952), the Zeta was more of a scooter than a motorcycle due to its quite small wheels. It was powered by Ducati Cucciolo and other two-stroke engines.

There is also a Moto-Zeta with four-stroke engines from 48cc to 250cc of modern manufacture. In 2006 they introduced a quad and a 110cc mini-mx. The head office was in Sissa, Italy, and their website was at

Fri Jan 20 2012
spare parts for moto zeta 50cc
moto zeta 50c
could you tell me where find spare parts for moto zeta 50cc scooter

Tue Jun 28 2011
volano campo magnetico
moto zeta rally 125
dove mi posso rivolgere per i ricambi dello scooter moto zeta rally 125?

Sat Sep 05 2009
punkrock101- at
moto zeta 50 cc
moto zeta rally 50 cc
hi i cant seem to find any info on moto zeta rally 50 cc, i have just bought one and due to do my cbt, would love to no anything about it as i bought off of my girlfriends dads friend, but he didnt have any info either, please please help on this, any specs, just general info...anything as im having a hard time finding it!lol thanks jordan

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