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Bartali Marziano Two-stroke 1955

The Bartali concern was founded by the renowned Gino Bartali as a manufacturer of high-end racing bicycles. Bartali, born on the 18th July 1914, acquired world-wide acclaim as a racing cyclist, notably winning the Tour de France in 1938 and 1948 and the Giro d' Italia in 1936, 1937 and 1946, in a career that spanned three decades and included numerous other wins in all the major races. His rivalry with Bianchi team-mate Fausto Coppi, both on and off the circuits, is legendary. It is said to have divided Italy into two camps: those who supported the conservative and devout Bartali, and those who found Coppi's "celebrity" lifestyle more appealing. As with many sporting stars, Bartali sought to capitalise on his name following retirement, the obvious product being bicycles. Now highly regarded by collectors, Bartali cycles appear to have been less successful than the man who lent his name to them. The marque struggled in a crowded marketplace and examples are consequently rare.

The 1950's witnessed a change in Italian society as the country recovered from the effects of the Second World War. Growing prosperity among the populace resulted in a surge in sales for lightweight machines encouraged by Italian vehicle regulations that were particularly kind to machines below 175cc. It is therefore not surprising that the company would endeavour to capture a slice of the booming Italian lightweight motorcycle market of the 1950's.

Production commenced in Florence during 1953 with Bartali motorcycles being offered in a range of capacities from 50cc to 160cc. The 160cc unit construction two-stroke Marziano, equipped with a four-speed gearbox, represented the top of the range in 1955 when this example was built. Beautifully restored, it is finished to a high standard in black and silver. Bartali motorcycles, like their pedal powered cousins, were built to the highest standards, and were priced accordingly.

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