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Moto Menicucci c1933 175cc

The machine as pictured here was incorrectly identified due to an error in the paperwork, it is believed, hence the incorrect name on the number plate and tank. Ed.

From information obtained from its owner the bike was built in Pesaro and should go back to the first half of the '30s.

Some details are not original, eg. the handlebars with all its accessories, and I suspect that most who founded the driven rear wheel suspension is a change over the years.

The bike has already been partially restored by a craftsman in the area, to me only to complete what he left unfinished, in the hope of being able to put it in motion. In fact, the owner this bike has it for years but has never seen it work.
Missing the electrical system, the lubrication circuit must be completed, and other things certainly will jump out when I start to take care of her.

Image and text courtesy Renato Paganini

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