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Manufactured by Liesinger Motorenfabrik A.G., Liesing 1921-1929
The company was part of the G. Roth Group with good financial backing, and produced some of the best Austrian motorcycles of the period.
In 1925, LAG took over development of the Lanco (formerly JW) and released it as the LAG Type E1. The 1926 D3 was a 250 two-stroke - with saddle tank - and their last model, the D4, had a 350cc JAP two-stroke engine. Although production ceased in 1929, sales continued through to 1931.
The marque did well in competition, winning the Austrian Tourist Trophy in 1924. Their designer, Ludwig Stein, was a familiar name on the racetracks.
LAG also built auxiliary engines similar to that of the DKW, and these were fitted to other marques including the DSH of Trautmannsdorf and Perpedes in Graz.
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