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Opel & Beyschlag

Formed in Austria in 1893 by Heinrich Opel and and Otto Beyschlag, good friends and competitive cyclists, the partnership was formed to sell bicycles and sewing machines. In 1899 they began importing Opel automobiles, becoming the first Opel representative outside of Germany. In 1901 the first Opel motorcycles appeared, and the Austrian firm also sold these. Beyschlag became enamoured of the motor bicycle and soon became a competitor.

In 1903 or 1904 they began marketing unconventional shaft-driven singles and V-twins. No examples of the motorcycles have survived.

An undated image exists of a shaft-drive single marketed by Opel & Beyschlag titled "Moto-Cardan". It bears a striking resemblance to the French machine of the same name designed by Emile Robion.

There was an association with Noricum

Opel & Beyschlag still exists as part of the AVAG group in Austria with several branches, selling Opel and Ford, among others, with family members of fourth and probably fifth generation. The firm celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2018.

1. Elsewhere it has been written that the engines were supplied by Opel, and also that they were built in-house. These statements do not appear to be correct.
2. Otto Beyschlag's wife Therese was one of the first licenced motorists in Austro-Hungaria.

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