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RWC Mopeds

A Brief History of the Marque

RWC - Radwerke St. Christophen

Manufacturer: Tresnak & Co 1949-1960
St. Christophen Neulengbach

Franz Tresnak manufactured bicycles and in 1949 entered the moped market with 98cc Rotax-powered machine and 50Z engines from HMW. By the late fifties the machines had become unprofitable and a decision was taken to cease moped production. The firm continued building bicycles into the 1980s.

The RWC T 98 had a Sachs 98cc engine and was built from 1949 to c.1958

N.B. The brand is named for Rudolf Wurzer of Christophen, who established the firm in 1890. Franz Tresnak was his son-in-law.

Sources: voz.co.at

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