Belgian Motorcycles

Escol Motorcycles

Manufactured in Belgium 1925 to 1939

The Escol brothers built their first motorcycle in 1925 after years of planning, and the result was quite outstanding. Powered by a 1000cc engine driving through a gearbox, both of their own manufacture, the Super-Moto had suspension front and rear. In 1932 they built new models using JAP 500cc and 600cc singles, along with 342cc Villiers 4-speed machines. In 1937 there were also 196cc and 249cc Villiers 3-speed machines with monocoque frames and deeply valanced mudguards.

A 680cc V-twin appeared in 1939 but development was curtailed when war came later in the year, and all production ceased. In total some 270 machines were built.

A very different version of the company history is given by vvcc.be.

Sources: François-Marie Dumas