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A Brief History of the Marque
Made in Belgium 1923 to 1926 by Jean Watelet and Jacques Vergote de Lantsmeere.

These machines had flat-twin engines of 498 and 688cc by Coventry-Victor, and Watelet 748cc sidevalve engines. King Albert I of Belgium rode one of these motorcycles.

The company logo features a swastika which at the time was better known as a symbol which had been in use by Buddhists and others for a great many years, and was widely used in the West. In Australia, there was a motorcycle named Swastika. That said, it has been suggested that as the symbol used by Jeecy-Vea has been rotated 45°, as was the Nazi version adopted in 1920, there may be sinister implications - but it seems unlikely.

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22nd August 2005
Michaël Reyntjens
RM2 at chello.be

Belgian motorcycle : Motos Jeecy-Vea.... from 1923 to 1927 , watercooled 750cc flat twin from COVENTRY-VICTOR. (Engeland). (see atachment)

Construction of motorcycles (under licence?) by : Jean WATELET   and Jacques VERGOTE de LANTSMEERE ........
in their factory named : Ateliers de la "Bruxelloise d'Auto- Transport".
Address : rue du Frontispice, n° 83.
Brussels Belgium

Sales Shop : rue Defacciz, n° 30.
Brussels Belgium

From 1926 on they changed to small cars (voiture légère) provided with a watercooled 750cc flat twin, from Coventry-Victor. (England).
17 Hp at 3500Rpm.
Model : Coventry Climax
Bodywork : Torpedo model, they made even a cabriolet.
Very few were made and the company went bankrupt in 1927
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