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L'oiseau Bleu Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

L'oiseau bleu is a little known Belgian marque that was made in Genly (BEL) by a former cyclist/bicycle maker by the name of Mr. Parmentier. This motorcycle is powered by a is Sachs motor of 98cc.

L'oiseau Bleu is not to be confused with the Sarolea model of the same name.

  • L'oiseau bleu (The Blue Bird) is an opera in four acts (eight tableaux) by the French composer and conductor Albert Wolff. The libretto by Maurice Maeterlinck is based on his 1908 play of the same name. Donald Campell took the name of Maeterlinck's play L'Oiseau Bleu (The Blue Bird) for his famous land-speed record breaking cars.

Sources: guy.raeymaekers

Mon Dec 19 2011
restauratie L'oiseau bleu
foto's en informatie over deze motorfiets

Sun Mar 11 2007
guy.raeymaekers at hotmail dot com
L'oiseau bleu
Weinig bekend van dit Belgisch merk dat werd gemaakt in Genly (BEL) door een gewezen wielrenner / fietsenmaker Mr.Parmentier genaamd.
Deze motorfiets is voorzien van een 98cc Sachs-motor.
Meer foto's kan je zien op www.mmriders.be. (404)

PS: Niet te verwarren met de Sarolea "blauwe vogel" - dit is geen Sarolea.

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