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Souplex Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured by Joseph Menko in Anderlecht, Brussels, 1939-1948

These expensive machines were distinguished by having cast alloy wheels, four decades before they became commonplace.

An article appeared in The Motor Cycle of August 1st describing Coventry Victor 285 and 340cc sidevalve flat twin engines for motorcycle use. The Belgian firm Souplex announced a machine fitted with this engine, but it appears that few were built despite a fairly classy sales leaflet appearing in 1948, shortly before Souplex motorcycle production ended.

Souplex Models

1939 Villiers 125 (probably their most popular model)

1939-1946 Villiers 249cc two-stroke, 3 speed. Cast alloy wheels.

1946 Model 21-340 Coventry Victor HO Twin 339cc, 4 speed Albion gearbox.

1948 Model 231-285 Luxe, 285cc flat twin. (Appears to be unit-construction, but engine has alloy cowling.)

Sources: OTTW, moto-collection.org

Thu Jun 22 2006
eddieandanna at hotmail.com
interested in information about souplex 1939
I was visiting a friend in OOstende last week .and looked through a book of Belgium motorcycles .there was a picture of a 1939 souplex .it was a small bike , very nice looking . would you have any picture`s or info about this bike ?thank you . i am hoping to buy a bike from belgium soon . thank you Eddie Baines