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Itar Motorcycles

Manufactured by Jaroslav Janatka, Automontage, Prague, 1920s
Itar motorcycles were initially supplied almost exclusively to the Czech armed forces, but orders ceased in 1926 and the firm experienced difficulties. It was taken over, and construction was limited to single cylinder models of the British fashion. Production stopped in 1930.

Itar Models include:
Itar 710 of 1924: 706 cm3, 14 hp, 90 km/h max speed, 170 kg weight. Boxer engine positioned longitudinally. Engine is possibly by Walter.
Itar 1926-1930. JAP ohv engine, 350cc and 500cc, Burman Gearbox, drum brakes front and rear from 1929.

Source: South-Bohemian MC Museum

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