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Wittler Motorcycles of Norway

Manufacturer: Hede Nielsens fabrikker A / S, Horsens.

Built during the 1950s by Hede Nielsens Fabriker. Used engines from VAP, BFC, Estlander, Express and others. There was a considerable variety of models. The same firm apparently built, or marketed, Wotan mopeds and others (possibly Velosolex) from France.

Wittler was established in 1906 and built radios, bicycles and bicycle components, along with industrial gas products. In 1962 they sold 250,000 bicycle saddles. In the mid-60s they entered the burgeoning television market and created the brand which became Rank Arena.

The Horsens factory suffered a serious fire which put an end to bicycle production (c.45,000 units per annum) in 1979. The gas pipe section survived and became Air Liquide.

The Hede Nielsen Family Foundation distributes substantial amounts to deserving social and scientific bodies.

There was also a Wittler built in Bielefeld, Germany before and after WWII with a very similar logo. See Wittler DE
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