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Wooler Mopeds


Manufacturer: Jyden. A / S, Alestrup.
Built mopeds from 1951 to 1960 using engines of their own manufacture, along with two-strokes from BFC, HMW and possibly others.
Models: Wooler 149 Popular, 49ccc Wooler engine.
Wooler 149 G Special & Speedway, Wooler engine.
Wooler 160 Special & Popular, BFC 49cc engine.
Wooler 249 G Special, 49cc BFC engine.
Wooler 349 G Special, HMW 49cc engine.

Sources: stemplet.dk, mo-ped.se/knallert/wooler.htm, vestjyskveteranknallertklub.dk et al.

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