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Balkan Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1957-1971 (1958 - 1972) 1

Nationale Motorrad-Werke Balkan Brtla, Lovech, Bulgaria

Produced twostrokes with engines built in-house.

1. M50 48cc three-speed in a pressed-metal frame and girder-style forks and swing-arm rear suspension.

2. M1 1975 249 cc twostroke with four-speed gearbox, tubular frame and swing-arm suspension. The machine was built under licence to DKW and was very similar to the DKW RT250. In 1960 the design was changed to more closely resemble the Jawa.

3. M75 73 cc twostroke moped.

A few Balkan motorcycles were imported into the United States by Valley Imports of Detroit. However, the trade was banned by US federal regulations.

1. Sources differ on manufacturing dates.
Ozebook has information on this marque.

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Fri Nov 19 2010
tiffx19 at gmail.com
Balkan 250 1962 Info required!
Balkan 250
I have a 1962 Balkan motorcycle which came from a Museum in Sofia- and can't find any info on them, are there any other Balkan owners out there?

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