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A Brief History of the Marque

1949-1953 Gottfried Delius, Fahrzeugfabrik, Osnabrück

Built in Osnabrück, the Cityfix models produced by the Delius company were light motorcycles with Lutz 50cc or Sachs 100cc two-stroke engines. These engines were also used in the scooter model.

Cityfix Specifications

Displacement : 49 cc
Power : 0.7 hp
Bore x Stroke : 38 x 42 mm
Engine Manufacturer : Lutz
Type : 2 stroke, single-cylinder
Max. speed : 30 km/h
Tyres : Front 2.25 x 16", Rear 2.25 x 16"
Consumption : 1.5 litres per 100 km
Weight : 38 kg

The firm also produced a delivery tricycle (Lieferdreirad) called the "Cityboy", powered by a 125cc JLO engine. It had 4.00 × 8" wheels and a payload of 200 kg.

Sources: GTU Oldtimerservice, Axel Oskar Mathieu Archive

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Wed Sep 03 2014
jfolander at
delius scooter
cityfix 100cc
photo taken in grafenwohr germany, March 1953. It's a new two-stroke scooter.
san diego ca

Sun Aug 11 2013
Search to buy
Cityfix Delius Cityfix
Dear Sirs, I am searching to buy a Cityfix as the atached foto, could you help me to find one? regards, Pedro

Wed Aug 08 2012
Delius Cityfix 49
I have a Delius Cityfix 49, legacy from my grand father, and i want to restore it.
I would like to have more information about this model, it's history, logo, features, review articles, etc.
You will find is photo in attach.

Best regards,

Luis Pedro Silva