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Esweco Motorcycles

Manufactured by Speiermann, Weigel & Co., Chemnitz, 1934-1940

Established in 1910, manufacture of bicycles began in 1924. The firm produced the motorcycle marques Esweco, Esco and Escona. Most of their machines were motorised bicycles of 60cc and 98cc powered by Sachs engines. Their 1939 Esweco sales brochure listed motorcycles with pedals or kickstarter fitted with Sachs 98cc and JLO 120cc engines, along with a Klein-Motorfahrrad 60cc JLO and Esweco-Saxonette with the 60cc engine fitted to the rear wheel. Most models had Damenfarrad or Damen-Motorfahrad versions.

Their 1938 catalog was over 500 pages and listed all manner of automotive and motorcycle accessories, tools and equipment. Some 250 pages were devoted to motorcycles.

Sources: GTU Oldtimerservice, period literature.

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