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Juhö Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufacturer: Julius Höflich, Fürth (near Nuremburg), 1922-1925. Salomon Dorn, joint owner of the Dorko works in Bamberg, was on the board.

Designed by Leo Falk, Juhö motorcycles were powered by two-stroke and SV four-stroke engines with final drive by belt. Rim brakes were fitted on early models, with a drum front brake being added late in production.

They provided frames to Dorko, who assembled a proportion of the output. When Juhö failed in 1925 Dorko took over production, marketing the machines as Juhö and then under their own brand, the 350cc Hamakraft "Hexe" (Witch).

Four Juhö riders finished in the First Upper Franconian Endurance Race in 1923.

The firm also built an automobile powered by a 400cc two-stroke engine in 1922.

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