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Loreley Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Constructed by Oskar Rob Fischer of Barmen, near Wuppertal, using a Lüthi & Zürcher engine kit, probably around 1904.

A rough translation of the German sales literature reads, in part, "The wheel is equipped with freewheel and coaster brake. It takes smooth gradients up to 80/0, larger with less assistance of the pedals. The speed is freely adjustable up to 50 km per hour in the plane. The fuel consumption is 3 liters for 120-150 km. To stop and brake the wheel you have four aids: l. the usual handbrake, 2) the coaster brake, 3) the engine, which is stopped by simply turning the left handlebar grip and then braking very effectively as a result of the compression, 4 brakes by the engine with the compression valve open when driving downhill. The operational reliability of the motorcycle is an extraordinarily good price with engine of 1 1/4 horsepower Mk. 700, 1 1/2 hp Mk. 750."

Loreley also built a "shooting machine" in 1905.

Loreley automobiles were built from 1905 in Arnstadt by an unrelated firm, Ley Maschinenfabrik AG, aka Rud Ley AG.

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