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Real Motorcycles

The Massa supermarket chain from Alzey sold mopeds, mokicks and light motorcycles under the Real brand from February 1981 until 1987. They were built by Villa in Italy and SIS in Portugal.

At least nine models were presented, with the top of the range being the Real Sport 80 Herweh Replica powered by a watercooled Sachs engine.

Manfred Herweh campaigned a 250cc roadracer under the Real banner which had a similar appearance to the production sports machines and was named the "Real Massa".


Nevada 80 (1981-86)

Nevada 80E (1982-84) Dry weight 90kg. Minarelli K6 engine, 6-speed gearbox

Nevada Sport 80 (1981-86) built by SIS Portugal

Real Sport 80 Herweh Replica (1985) Sachs 80 SW, water-cooled, 5-speed


Biber 40 (1980-85)

Scooter 25

Cricket (1982-84)

OK 25(1980-86)

Source: Farben-Schiessl

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