German Motorrad

Sarge and Sabeck

A Brief History of the Marque

A Powerful Pacing Machine.

This powerful motor-bicycle is a type made by Messrs. Sarge and Sabeck, of Berlin. Mechanically it is of very good design, the motor being placed in the centre of the frame in a vertical position. The motor (air-cooled type) is made by the well-known French firm of Buchet, and it develops 9 h.p. The ignition is on the usual De Dion lines, the coil being fixed forward and the accumulator fixed between the back forks and diagonal tube. The petrol tank is carried below the horizontal tube, and a spray carburetter is used. The drive is by means of a flat leather belt on to a disc pulley. No pedals are fitted to this machine. The rider sits well behind the centre of the back wheel. The engine is minus a silencer. This machine has touched a speed of 55 miles per hour on the track.

Source: Motor Cycling Magazine, November 5th 1902.