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Schlenker Monoroue

A Brief History of the Marque

Ferdinand Schlenker built a monowheel in the fashion of Garavaglia.

Believed to have been originally built by Edison-Puton of Paris in 1910, it was discovered by Ferdinand Schlenker whilst a prisoner of war on a French farm in 1939. Over the following years he rebuilt and modified it in Germany, completing it in 1946. The machine was purchased by the Chatellerault motor museum in the year 2000.

The aluminium footboards are inscribed "F.Schlenker - Sexau". Sexau is just 10km from the French border and 20km from Colmar.

See also Garavaglia and Cislaghi

Note. Published information on this machine is scant and sometimes conflicting. Precis above is "best guess".

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