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Steigboy Three-wheelers


Manufactured by Steigboy Apparatebau GmbH of ElisabethAllee 69-73 (later Gießerstraße 18), Leipzig-Plagwitz from 1921 to 1930.

Founded by Friedrich Boysen, the firm was a well-known manufacturer of exhaust systems for automobiles, motorcycles and aircraft. The firm's first three-wheel delivery vehicles (Schnell-Lieferwagen) appeared in 1926 with pressed steel frames and a rear tray, powered by a 500cc JAP engine. The following year a front tray (muzzle-loader) model was introduced, fitted with a Villiers two-stroke. Engines from Sturmey-Archer were also used in the years 1928-1930. By 1930 they were building luxury passenger three-wheelers. That year they folded.

The Boysen firm re-appeared immediately after the war as an exhaust manufacturer and is today a major player in the field, internationally.

N.B. Boyesen Reeds is unrelated (note spelling).

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