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Manufactured by Venus GmbH Fahrzeugbau, Donauwörth, Dillinger Landstr. 1953-1955

The Venus motor scooter was inspired by the Italian Vespa and came in three different versions using 100cc, 150cc and 175cc single cylinder 2-stroke Fichtel & Sachs engines. Each model had minor styling differences - the DS 100 had a solo seat and no spare wheel, whereas the MS175 had a dual seat and a spare tyre attached at the rear.


DS 100
FP 50 (1954)
MS 150
MS 175 Sachs 175cc (c.1955)
Modell 1955

Mon Mar 31 2008
p.santos71 at
50'S German
Venus MSA 175

Please send me photos of this motorcycle and more information about it, I think that model is from the 50's

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