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Wimmer Motorcycles

Manufactured in Sulzbach by Benedikt Wimmer & Sohn, 1921-1928 and by Otto Wimmer, 1928-1938.

Built 134cc auxiliary bicycle engines and later 137cc and 172cc motorcycles with watercooled engines, some of which were fitted to Emora frames. From 1928 motorcycles were offered with air-cooled 200, 250, 300 and 500cc engines from Bark, Sturmey-Archer, M.A.G. and others.

From 1933 Wimmer began building their own engines of up to 500cc, no doubt due to the import restrictions imposed by the Nazi goverment. The 1936 catalogue listed models 500 ccm OHV G 500, 350 ccm OHV GG 35 B and G3Z 200cc Bark.

The Wimmer firm had numerous victories in the 175cc races.

After WWII Otto Wimmer built several prototype motorcycles, none of which entered production. The firm continued to build motorcycle engines.

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