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Berva Mopeds

Eger Berva was the only Hungarian factory which mass-produced mopeds.

Located in the Felnémet district (140km NE of Budapest), operations began in 1951 with the production of components for the military, and shortly thereafter they added bicycle parts to their output.

László Urbach, who had been involved with both the Mátra and Dongó motorcycles, joined the production team and the result was the Berva moped. The machine was fitted with a VT50 49 cc 1.8hp two-stroke engine suspended from the tubular frame, which had leading link suspension at the front and dual springs and swing arm at the rear, with no damping at either end. It was capable of 45 km/h.

After initial testing in 1957, production began in 1958. Various modifications were made in the following years, with changes to the fuel tank, ignition and electrical systems, the front forks and more. The 49cc engine was designed by Csepel and produced by the Hunting factory.

The Berva factory also began producing engines of 125cc and 250cc.

A government decision forced cessation of production in 1962, by which time some 60,000 units had been produced.

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