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A Brief History of the Italian Marque
In the mid-1920s Carlo Abarth worked with Castagna designing motorcycle frames before becoming a professional motorcycle racer, winning the European Championship five times. He was also a keen sidecar rider, and famously raced and beat the Orient Express over a 1300km route from Vienna to Ostend. He was associated with Tazio Nuvolari and Ferdinand Porsche.
Abarth built at least one motorcycle with his own name on the tank.
Later he formed a company which provided performance exhausts for all manner of sports cars, and the Abarth name became widely known internationally. The company was sold to Fiat in the early 70s and Carlo moved back to Austria, where he died in 1979.
There is an Abarth Museum in Belgium, and several books have been written about the man.
Source: Italian Resources

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