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Algat Plico Folding Minibikes

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1988-1992*

Built a folding minibike called Plico with a 22cc twostroke engine.

A folding scooter produced by Algat of St. Cario Canavese, near Turin, and marketed by Malaguti. With a few adjustments it may be reduced to minimum size. The Fox single-cylinder engine has a displacement of 21.9cc, recoil starter and two-speed gearbox. The front suspension is primitive and it has a rigid rear end. It weighs a mere 22 kg.

Height: 780 mm
Weight: 20-22 kg

Described as a 'folding Mini-Max Pit-Bike', the machine has a steel frame and alloy Grimeca wheels. It comes with lights and a pull start. On another auction site the same model was described: "Plico Malaguti minimotorino" and yet another says "Malaguti Algat Plico pieghevole - 1988".

* dates need verification. Sources vary, one giving 1999-2001.

Sources: MC Storico Conti, et al

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