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Carru Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1940-1960 in Turin.

Beginning with a 175cc two-stroke, in the nineteen forties Giuseppe Carrù built OHC racing motorcycles of 250cc to 500cc which he rode in the Sanremo / Ospedaletti and other races.

Giuseppe Carrù also built some beautiful dirt bikes ridden by the likes of the great Emilio Ostorero (16 Italian championships, "The Lion of Avigliana") which won many motocross races in both 250 and 500 classes. The MiVal he built in 1958 for Emilio won the 500 championship and another came second in 250 class. The following year the results were similar. Economic hardship caused Mi-Val to cease campaigning at the end of 1959.

He worked with Mondial, and was also a well-respected sidecar racer having won the 1951 Locarno sidecar class among others. Carru is regarded as something of a genius also for his frames which were used in many disciplines. There is mention of a book dedicated to his life.

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