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Italtelai Mopeds

A Brief History of the Marque

Operational for over 125 years, Italtelai, the famous Italian bicycle firm built chassis for numerous other manufacturers.

Production of mopeds began in 1972. They were fitted with Motori Morini Franco 50cc engines, and used Spisni Franzoni forks.

The machines were supplied to Arciero, Bianchi, Portofino, Snark and others, many of which were exported to the United States. The Pacer is an Italtelai machine.


Sun Dec 21 2008
roadrunner93858 at
Italtelia 1978
I have a moped made in Italy in 1978 and the manufacturer was a comapny named Italtelia. Can anyone direct me to a website or any place I might be able to find some info on this particular moped. Thanks
Thu Aug 27 2009
lorettanelson at
pacer 05060
my son was given an old italian motorbike. It says PACER on it and the engine looks to be morini franco. He would like to refinish it and get it runnining but we are finding very little info on this bike. Any info would be great. thANKS
Sun Dec 28 2008
Imustchat2 at
pacer super sport 5I980
Could you please tell me where I could purchase a repair manual and tuneup kit for this moped.
old bridge, nj 08857
Sun Apr 15 2007
ron.larkin at
Pacer 49cc Morini Motori
1977 Pacer
I have a 1977 Pacer moped with a 49cc Morini Motori in it. What model motor is this? I would love to find a service manual for it. I need to know the spark plug type.
The bike is a Pacer Italtelai. 1977.
Fri Jan 13 2006
Adbmsb904 at
1977 Pacer Moped
I recieved a 1977 pacer 2-cycle moped from a family member. No information came with the moped (not even keys). Could you help me find something that would point me in the right direction with this bike. Thank you

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