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Laurenti Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured by Edmondo Laurenti e Figli

Address: Via A. Masini 10, then Viale G. Vicini, Via Frassinago, Bologna.

Edmondo Laurenti, originally from Cento, had been producing casting moulds for a foundry in Bolgna since 1908. His sons Marcello, Giorgio and Bruno joined the firm as they came of age and the business expanded considerably. In the 1920s they collaborated with the Drusiani firm which supplied engines to G.D, an arrangement which continued for many years. Laurenti later supplied engines for the C.M and F.B built by the Boselli brothers of Milan.

Laurenti motorcycle products also went to Benelli and Moto Morini, and they supplied aircraft engine cylinder heads to Piaggio.

After the Liberation the Laurenti workshop moved, in 1951, to Via Frassinago which had been relatively undamaged during the war, and once more served their customers such as Calzoni, M.M., F.B Mondial, Moto Morini, Drusiani and numerous others. Marcello Laurenti began working and studying with Drusiani where he is involved with the Mondial 125 DOHC project.

Few knew the construction details of the motorcycle of Bologna as well as Laurenti, so when they built a machine of their own it aroused considerable interest. Originally designed by G. Forni in 1953, with was presented in 1956. The construction of this beautiful 172.48cc OHC machine was largely an exercise, however, and did not distract then from their main activity.

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