Italian Motorcycles

Marinella Scooters

A Brief History of the Italian Marque


Marinavia Farina SRL was founded in 1946 by industrial designer Domenico Farina with headquarters in Milan. He designed and built several sailplanes and a twin-engine aeroplane powered by de Havilland, first flown 1947, in which year it won the Coppa dell'Aria at Milan.

A 125cc scooter was displayed at the 26th Fiera di Milano, in 1948.

"The aeronautical firms which in the past built gliders and sailplanes are chiefly represented by Messrs. Ambrosini A.S.I of Passignanon sul Trasmeno, and Messrs. Marinavia Farina, of Milan. The latter, however, suspended all activities in consequence of bankruptcy." Sailplane and Glider magazine, May 1950.

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