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Quagliotti Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured: 1902-1907
Corso re Umberto, corner Corso Duca di Genova, Turin.

Founded by Carlo Quagliotti in Turin, the company was one of the most important manufacturers in the early twentieth century, producing motorcycles with Peugeot 2 CV single cylinder and larger V-twin engines from 1902 to 1907.

The machines were quite advanced for the day, having chain drive to the transmission and a second chain to the rear wheel.

There is a Quagliotto referred to in connection with the French firm Hurtu, who, at the time, produced automobiles and cycles.

"The motorcycles were exhibited from Quagliotti a chain drive with Bowden patented hub. As is natural, the trend in modern motorcycles builders is that to apply all the benefits applied to cars; and it is therefore we see on modern types of motorcycles applying appropriate disengage the engines. Also this new wanted the Quagliotti apply to its motorcycles. They weigh 50 kg and the engine has a power of 2 1/2 HP: the carburetor is kind Longuemare; the ignition in certain types was to accumulator in the other magneto.

The main advantage of Quagliotti motorcycle is to arrest the engine also being stationary."

From Rivista mensile del touring club ciclistico italiano, 1910 (via

QUAGLIOTTI. Le motociclette esposte dal Quagliotti erano a trasmissione a catena con mozzo brevettato Bowden. Come è naturale, la tendenza nei moderni costruttori di motociclette è quella di applicarvi tutti i vantaggi applicati agli automobili ; ed è perciĆ² che noi vediamo sui moderni tipi di motociclette l'applicazione di opportuni disinnesti ai motori. Anche questa novitè volle il Quagliotti applicare alle sue motociclette. Esse pesano 50 chg. ed il loro motore ha una forza di 2 1/2 HP: il carburatore è tipo Longuemare; l'accensione in alcuni tipi era ad accumulatore ed in altri...

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