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Rota Motorcycles

Manufactured in Biella 1950-1954

Motorcycles designed and built by Felice Rota with OHV 500cc engines and some of 250cc. There was also a 500cc sport version capable of 140 km/h and a racing version which could achieve 165 km/h. All had four-speed gearboxes. It is believed that in total only 15 machines were built.

Born in Tuscany, Rota worked with Piaggio designing the Paperino and early Vespa scooters in 1945. The Piaggio plant moved to Biella after the bombing of Pontedera in 1944.

A machine described as "Officine Meccaniche Rota - Rondine SS - 500 cc" was put up for auction by in late 2019.

Sources: MC Storico Conti, et al.

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