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Eenhoorn Motorcycles

Established by the English brothers Seymour and Daniel George Bingham in 1871 who moved to Rotterdam in 1871, with premises at Eenhoornstraat 4-6.

From 1884 the Bingham firm began importing English bicycles and in 1890 manufacture of the Eenhoorn bicycle commenced.

They entered the automotive industry in 1903, importing Oldsmobile cars from the United State. Manufacture of their own petrol-engined machines began around the same time; they marketed the Autolette forecar in 1903 and this was followed by the Eenhoorn motorcycle in 1905, the latter bearing a close resemblance to the Antoine. Antoine is known to have sold motorcycle "kits" to other manufacturers, so it is a matter of conjecture as to whether, despite the Bingham name appearing prominently on the crankcase, it was actually of their own manufacture.

The Conam site explores the subject at some length. Daniel George Bingham became a wealthy man, endowed the arts and literature, financed a hospital in his home town of Cirencester, and in Utrecht he paid half the cost of a new church for the English-speaking population. The Bingham Trust has a library and an art gallery named for him - see binghamlibrarytrust.org.uk.

N.B. There was a Bingham sidecar brand built by Doug Bingham, and a Parish & Bingham in Cleveland Ohio who made motorcycle sprockets. Neither are related to the Dutch firm.

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